After USLAUNDRY’s nomination of the highly coveted hygiene certification, we are extremely proud to announce that, after an extensive testing phase, we have been granted the certification. Hereby declaring that USLAUNDRY is the only laundry on Sint Maarten/St. Martin that meets the requirements of laundering textiles hygienically clean for both the healthcare and hospitality industry. There are only a few other laundries in the Caribbean that have managed to obtain this accreditation, which further contributes to our leading role in professional textile care industry on the island.
Obtaining this certification is achieved through compliance of the right washing processes, using an officially registered disinfectant, in this case Perasepsis (CTGB15456N), and other operating procedures of handling textiles. The certification indicates that the washing process meets European infection standards and requirements for antibacterial, antifungal, mycobacterial, and antiviral activity, which are the world’s highest standards that industrial laundries can achieve.
The processes are tested periodically to secure reliability and quality assurance and are carried out according to the CERTEX (ISO 9001 for industrial laundries) and the RABC (Risk Analyses & Biocontamination Control) schemes.
Environmental aspects are also evaluated during the assessment. USLAUNDRY scores very high in this regard, among other things due to the lowest water consumption per pound of laundry and a completely phosphate-free washing process.
The certification covers both the lease rental as the linen owned by our clients.
This gives our clients and future clients peace of mind, especially now that hygiene is more important than ever.