Health Care

Clean linen is of major importance to hospitals. Without clean laundry, a hospital can’t make people better. USLAUNDRY offers solutions to deliver clean and completely hygienic linen, at all times.

Bed Linen

With our certified quality systems, we adapt to all your possible medical and organizational needs and make sure we match your requirements. USLAUNDRY focuses on reliability and efficiency, to give hospitals the highest possible quality.


Towels as soft as butter. That’s what the people in the hospitals will notice.  It’s time to say goodbye to towels that feel like sandpaper en act like cardboard. With our unique washing and drying process, we always supply fresh and fluffy towels


Once collected, dirty linen is immediately taken to the plant. There we use a counting machine that is connected to stock management. The personnel in charge then checks on quality and sorts them.

After sorting, the linen goes straight to our automated cleaning equipment. When everything is clean, we deliver them back to you

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