About us

USLAUNDRY stands for commitment to our clients by providing dependable, high quality, cost efficient and reliable services. We make sure you get soft and sanitized products, on time, every time.


USLAUNDRY has been working in the laundry industry for a long time and has gained a lot of knowledge during that time of how to run a healthy and transparent operation.With the knowhow achieved in the automation process and the logistics optimization of several plants, we have obtained a clear vision for USLAUNDRY. This vision will lead to more effective cost-cutting opportunities and an increase in the quality of the overall product.

We can state with confidence that the laundry in Saint Martin has maintained its reputation over the years by delivering satisfying services. USLAUNDRY is committed to exceed the quality standard by making use of altered technological washing processes which will comply with the ISO 9001 standard (International Organization for Standardization). We also have invested in the use of alternative combustibles that will lead to better cost-control and at the same time will contribute to a greener production process, and thus a greener planet.


We believe that by offering year-round services, we will exceed customer expectations. By offering more catered services such as linen rental, USLAUNDRY constantly contributes to a meaningful business relationship with clients. We strive to attain and maintain a great cooperation with our clients when it comes to subjects such as linen stock. We will achieve this by working closely with our clients and for example by making use of utilization reviews. Either way we’ll always ensure a proper circulation of inventory.