Food & Beverages

USLAUNDRY provides the table linen and workwear that will help you excel at every single service.

Table linen

Our table linen is excellent in quality because it’s manufactured to the highest standards. However, if it turns out you do need any replacements we’ll supply as fast as possible.


Your staff is your calling card for the public. Therefore you need to keep them looking fresh and clean. Our cutting-edge systems and wash processes are designed to provide clean workwear for your cooks and other staff. USLAUNDRY makes sure that you have excellent white linen, tight inventory control and fast replacement of work clothing.


Once collected, dirty linen is immediately taken to the plant. There we use a counting machine that is connected to stock management. The personnel in charge then checks on quality and sorts them.

After sorting, the linen goes straight to our automated cleaning equipment. When everything is clean, we deliver them back to you.

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